Make your own Watercolor Book

Join Kathleen Nartuhi at Ninth Avenue Gallery & Studio (180 E. 9th Avenue) and learn how to make your own book.  You will create an accordion book using 140 lb. watercolor paper.  You will learn what paper/s to use, how to glue, to fold and to cut in order to make books on your own once your finish this class.

The workshop will meet for two hours in the morning, take an hour for lunch and then continue in the afternoon to finalize your book.

Enrollment is limited to allow plenty of individual one-on-one attention.  The $75 cost includes materials, individual attention, demonstrations and a detailed handout.  Maximum of 8 people.

To sign up please email Cynthia Sexton at csexton19@gmail.com


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to May 13

Watercolor Painting Classes & New Color Theory Session

Does the luminous, free flowing, color-saturated watercolor medium attract yet intimidate you?  I will provide students with a solid understanding of watercolor pigments, brushes and supports.  Experimentation with materials precedes a step-by-step approach to painting. 

Classes held on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon are intended for students who have some experience painting and have taken at least one of my classes.  The subject of our painting is a scene of downtown Chico at dusk.

Starts Tuesday, March 22nd

Hours: 2-5 pm            

Cost: $190

8-week duration


Wednesday, March 23rd

Hours: 1-4 pm            

Cost: $190

8-week duration

This Friday session is primarily for those individuals who are new to the painting process or have not taken one of my classes in the past.  The subject of our painting will be a beautiful crocus. 


Friday, March 25th

Hours:  2-5pm

Cost: $190

8-week duration

These 8-week classes will cover all of the steps necessary to create a finished watercolor painting. Topics to be covered will include materials, masking techniques, painting wet-in-wet for creating luminous transparent colors, how to fine-tune your painting at the end and, how to paint from a less than perfect photo.  


Friday, March 25th

Hours:  10am-1pm

Cost: $150

6-week duration


How to Master Color Theory for Artists


Friday, March 25th

Hours:  2-5pm

Cost: $190

8-week duration

 This course is meant for any person practicing the visual arts professionally or as a hobby.  Class sessions will incorporate a practical application of color theory through hands-on exercises.  Exercises will encompass painting small objects in light and shadow in order to be able to paint them accurately.  This in turn will greatly enhance your knowledge and understanding of color and color mixing. 


At the end of the class, each participant will leave with a Color Theory book filled with your own individual notes, exercises and color swatches to act as a reference for your future painting endeavors.

Seating will be limited so signup today by sending an email to:  csexton19@gmail.com or feel free to call me.






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