Moth Orchids, Trumpet Flowers, And A Signature Brush

Today a couple of my current students, Paula and Alicia, brought in their watercolor paintings from the last class for me to help them with framing their finished painting. I think you will agree that they both did a wonderful job painting the Moth Orchid. This was a real challenge as the painting is 11 x 14 inches and had many small shapes that required smooth transitions in color.

We are currently working on painting this Trumpet Flower that should be a beautiful painting.  We have just finished getting the image on our 300 lb. Arches watercolor paper and masked off all of the highlights. We are starting to paint the tops of the trumpets wet into wet using Azo Yellow and Pthalo Green. Next week we begin to create the texture in the petals and create blends of Quin Pink, Quin Coral and Pyrol Orange. Images of our progress will be posted soon.

Also, I am really excited to have my own signature brush. It is a wonderful brush for painting in watercolor. It is a blend in the same of a quill. It has the best of a sable brush, in that it holds just enough fluid, but has a beautiful point that can be used in the tightest corners. I bought this brush in England and believe I am the only one selling it in the U.S.