A Sketch a Day in May

Today, Katie, Ginny and I worked on plein air sketching and painting.  We first began by sketching in the studio to get warmed up and to get familiar with sketching with a pen.  Here is Katie's sketch of a cute pottery rooster I just purchased.

Katie's Rooster

Ginny sketched the wooden bird I have on a table in the Gallery...she used her artist's license and painted it with bright colors instead of the allover brown that it is in reality.

Next they sketched small houses in order to conquer their fear of sketching buildings outside.  It is much less intimidating to sketch a small 6 inch high ceramic house, but all of the same principles for sketching a building on site are the same as sketching the small ceramic ones in the gallery.

After building a little confidence with their pens, we moved to outside and here we can see Ginny sketched a large floral pot that sits outside of the Gallery front door.


 Katie sketched the water hydrant (I don't have a photo yet) and I tackled the other flower pot in front of the building.

This month I am asking everyone to create a Sketch a Day in May.  I will send out several prompts and ask that after you sketch an image to send me your photo and I will post it on the blog.   Remember, don't overthink it and have fun!